Last week, Dr Emma Hurst, lead postdoctoral scientist in the VitDAL visited Glasgow to present at the 5th Scottish Biomedical Postdoctoral Researcher Conference (SBPRC). SBPRC is a unique networking platform for postdocs belonging to diverse areas of biomedical sciences from institutions across Scotland, and aims to provide focused presentations to meet the needs of postdoctoral researchers and awareness of the scope of research taking place to promote new collaborations. Dr Hurst play a lead role within VitDAL which includes LC-MS assay development and sample analysis, presented a talk entitled “The VitDAL journey: from one armadillo to hundreds of cows and (almost!) everything in between”. Dr Hurst discussed the development and use of the recently DEQAS accredited 25-hydroxyvitamin-D assay, highlighting the vastly diverse applications, including investigating hypervitaminosis D in an armadillo to hypovitaminosis D in lambs from Scottish Hill Farms.