A research and diagnostic laboratory specialising in Vitamin D biology research in companion, production and wild animals

Providing an external diagnostic service measuring key vitamin D metabolites in clinical veterinary patients

Advancing understanding of the health benefits of vitamin D with a focus on non-skeletal tissues

Undertaking mechanistic studies which investigate how vitamin D modulates the immune response

Vitamin D Animal Laboratory (VitDAL)

Led by Professor Richard Mellanby, we explore the relationship between vitamin D, inflammation and health outcomes in companion, farm and wild animals.


VitDAL is based in the Roslin Institute and the Queen’s Medical Research Institute at the University of Edinburgh and brings together expertise in clinical veterinary endocrionology and nutrition, proteomics and immunology with the overarching ambition of advancing understanding of vitamin D biology in all species.

Assay Service

The VitDAL have developed an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS) assay to accurately key vitamin D metabolites in serum and plasma. 

Latest News

VitDAL recognised at BSAVA 2020

VitDAL recognised at BSAVA 2020

The work of VitDAL was recognised this month by BSAVA which awarded the Blaine Award to Richard Mellanby. The Blaine Award is made in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of small animal science in its widest context by a qualified veterinarian.

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