A research and diagnostic laboratory specialising in Vitamin D biology research in companion, production and wild animals



We particularly welcome enquiries from :

  • Veterinarians managing unusual calcium and vitamin D disorders in dogs or cats who wish to discuss diagnostic and management approaches
  • Veterinarians and researchers who want to measure vitamin D metabolites in clinical samples from companion, production or wild animals
  • Researchers interested in collaborating with the VitDAL

latest news

VitDAL publishes new paper

VitDAL has published its latest research on the immune-modulating properties of vitamin D. We have explored the effects of the active vitamin D metabolite...

VitDAL publishes new paper

VitDAL have published their latest paper today on vitamin D status in dogs with babaesia in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Pretoria,...

VitDAL publishes new paper

The VitDAL published their latest study on vitamin D and health outcomes this week. The work was a collaborative study between R(D)SVS, Roslin Institute and SRUC and explored the relationship...